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Get the water damage in your home or business restored now! Rest assured our professional team of certified IICRC technicians will do everything possible to make sure your damage restoration, repair & recovery are done right. We are located in Tampa FL and service all of Riverside County, San Bernardino County, the Desert Areas all the way south to San Diego. Check out our benefits:

  • Immediate Response
  • Insurance Billed Directly
  • Lead Project Manager
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Advanced Tools/Equipment
  • Local Experience
  • Techs Background Checked & Drug Tested
  • Licensed. Bonded. Insured.

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Wanda – Orlando, FL
Our building experienced a small fire on the top floor and the sprinkler system went off as a result. They had a team dispatched out to us within an hour of when we called. The restoration process went very smooth and they had us back up and running on that floor in no time. Thank you for all of you...
Juan – Tampa, FL
We trust all of our water loss issues to Florida Cleaning & Restoration. We have a couple of hundred apartments to manage, and they always show up when needed and do an awesome job so we have nothing to worry about when it comes to extracting water and getting those units dried out with minimal ...
Mary – Clearwater, FL
They did an excellent job handling an issue that we had in our townhouse while we were away for a couple of months. Our AC unit malfunctioned and we had growth issues as a result. Their team came out in a timely manner and did a full cleaning from top to bottom. The place smelled fresh and looked ev...

Professional Certifications

Water Damage Restoration

We know how you feel. Even the smallest intrusion of water can cause a huge amount of damage to your belongings, and the structure of your building. And the shock of being flooded is stressful enough without worrying about how to deal with the damage. But it will save you a lot of time and money if you begin restoration straight away.

Water Extraction & Clean-Up

  • Inspection & Assessments: So that you and your insurer know the extent of the damage, what needs to be replaced, and what can be restored.
  • Top of the Range Industrial Strength Dehumidifiers & Blowers: To dry out your property quickly and thoroughly.
  • Disinfecting, Deodorizing & Sanitizing: To eliminate mold, harmful bacteria, and odor. Cleaning & PackOut Services: To protect your personal belongings. Secure OffSite Storage Facilities: To keep your furniture and personal items safe while we restore your property.
  • Reconstruction & Repair Work: To repair any structural damage caused by flooding.
  • Furniture & Carpet Cleaning: To restore your damaged floor coverings and furniture.

We’ll remove all standing water immediately, and then bring in industrial strength equipment to extract moisture from your floors and walls. This will prevent the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, dry rot and structural damage to your home or business. We don’t have a magic wand but we can offer you the next best thing. We offer a 24 hour emergency service. So whether your flooding is due to natural disaster, a leak from dishwashers or other appliances, or broken pipes, give us a call now and minimize the damage. We can work with your insurer, to save you time and a lot of headaches. And we make sure that your property is restored quickly, to minimize any inconvenience to you.Water Damage Restoration

Call us now at (813) 503-0082

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in your home or business is a devastating experience. And dealing with the damage may be the last thing you feel like doing. Trouble is if it isn’t cleaned up quickly, the damage to your property and your possessions increases.

And if water and chemicals were used to extinguish the fire, they will have caused even more damage. But you don’t have to cope with it all alone. We can restore your property, while you recover from the shock and get on with your life. Whether you’ve suffered a small fire or smoke damage from a cooking disaster, or a huge fire, which requires extensive restoration, you can rely on us to help.

Fire Damage Restoration Cleaning Services

I-nspection and Assessments: To provide you and your insurer with full details of the damage caused and the work required to restore your property to its pre-fire condition.

  • Water Extraction and Moisture Removal: If your fire was put out by fire fighters, further damage has been caused. Water extraction and moisture removal minimizes structural damage to your property, dries out the walls and floors, and prevents harmful mold and bacteria growth.
  • Soot & Smoke Removal and Cleanup: Prompt removal of soot, smoke, and carbon can prevent permanent damage to your porous surfaces, furnishings, fixtures, and fittings.
    Comprehensive Cleaning: Ducts, Crawl Space, Walls, Floors, Carpets, Tile, etc to restore them to prefire condition. “BoardUps”: To secure damaged windows,doors etc.
  • Reconstruction and Repair Work: To rebuild your property to its former condition.
  • Disinfect, Deodorize, and Sanitize: To remove any harmful bacteria and odors.

Cleanup & "PackOut" Services: To protect your furniture and personal possessions. OffSite Storage: To keep your personal items and furnishings safe and secure. Furniture, Upholstery, and Carpet Cleaning: To restore your furniture, upholstery, and floor coverings to their prefire condition.

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Mold Remediation & Removal

Most of us know that mold is unpleasant and unhealthy. But the consequences of having mold in your home can be devastating. Some types of mold can cause serious harm to your health. Illnesses caused by mold include asthma, sinus infections, digestive tract infections, flu-like symptoms, and neurological problems.

Why You Need a Professional Service to Deal with Mold in Your Home Or Office

If you notice mold growth it may be tempting to try to clean it up yourself straight away. Most likely you’ll be spreading the mold and risking the health and safety of your family, so it’s wise to use a professional service. The trouble is, you don’t know what type of mold is in your home, or how hazardous it may be. Mold growth can be a serious health hazard to your family if it isn’t dealt with properly. So why risk the health of your family when we can offer the professional service you need?

The Mold Removal Services We Can Provide

  • Expert Independent Mold Testing: We provide testing through an independent environmental laboratory who employs a variety of test methods. This provides independent accountability for our work and ensures we target the mold effectively
  • Determine & Eliminate Cause of Mold: This is important as it will allow us to do the work needed to minimize the likelihood of future mold growth.
  • Clean and Test: We can test all areas of your home or business, including crawl spaces, air ducts, interior walls, attics, etc. This helps us to discover whether you have mold growth in hard to reach areas. And if so, we can clean, decontaminate and detoxify those areas.
  • Water Moisture Removal & Dehumidifying: Often mold is caused by leaks, and the combination of water and heat. When this happens we can remove the moisture to prevent future mold growth and prevent damage to the structure of your building.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold growth can be caused by floods, broken pipes, or an escape of water from faulty appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and air conditioners. The combination of heat and water creates condensation and humidity which encourages mold growth. Mold thrives in confined spaces such as attics, crawlspaces, basements, laundry rooms, kitchen/bathroom cabinets and wall interiors. Don’t risk the health and safety of your family for a minute longer.

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